10pk 3-ply Disposable Filters


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10pack 3-ply Disposable Filters

Ghluv ear loop fashion masks are designed with a filter pocket.

  • Outer-layers consist of splash resistant, non-woven fabric for protection against contaminated liquids and particles.
  • Middle layer is made of fabric with porous properties to help trap the contaminants.
  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Middle Layer 70% Non-Woven Fabric, 30% Melt Blown Fabric

Stay Protected and Safe with Ghluv Products

It’s simply not enough to think that you’ll only need a single face mask to keep yourself protected while outdoors. You have to be prepared for any eventually to ensure that you live a continuously healthy lifestyle. That’s why Ghluv offers you an easy way to replace the filter inside your Ghluv face mask. Our 3-ply disposable filters are perfectly designed to replace any existing filter in our Ghluv face mask products. You never have to worry about going out unprepared with a pack of our disposable filters at the ready.

Replace Your Ghluv Face Mask Filters Easily with Our Disposable Filters

Every Ghluv face mask has a built-in pocket filter that can be easily removed and replaced to make sure that the product is working at peak efficiency. Each pack includes 10 pieces of 3-ply disposable filters. The outer layer of every filter is made from splash-resistant fabric while the middle layer is designed with porous materials that are expertly constructed to trap any contaminants from being expelled into the air. The filter is made from polypropylene, giving the material a strong, flexible, and breathable quality. When it comes to quality filters for your face mask, you can’t go wrong with Ghluv.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle by Wearing Our Stylish Ghluv Products

Ghluv focuses on two major priorities with all of its products: safety and style. Our disposable face masks filters cover the first aspect thanks to the superior design and materials we use in all of our products. You can also express your own personal style through the variety of face mask designs and colors that we have available on our online catalog. Feel free to look through the various face masks that we have available and choose one that suits you. Make Ghluv a part of your lifestyle by buying one of our face masks, as well as a pack of our disposable filters, today!

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