Antimicrobial Unisex Neck Loop Face Mask (2-pack), Grey


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  • Contains 2 pieces in the box
  • Antimicrobial HeiQ V-block
  • Smart Temp Cooling Yarn
  • Breathable
  • Washable and reusable
  • Comfort Fit
  • 2 layers construction
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unisex (2 Sizes)
  • Made in USA
  • Not intended for medical use

"Ghluv’s Neck Loop Face Mask Alternative

This neck loop face mask works just like a regular mask but helps with that uncomfortable feeling you can get behind your ears after wearing your mask for too long. This mask wraps around the back of your neck instead. Just like the regular Ghluv antimicrobial face mask, the neck loop is made with the same breathable Smart Temp Cooling Yarn that ensures a comfortable fit. This mask can be reused many times and can be cleaned by simply putting it through the wash. Ghluv offers this grey antimicrobial neck loop face mask, along with many other designs, patterns, and colors.

The Innovative Antimicrobial Technology of Ghluv Products

All our products, including our neck loop face masks, are treated with a Swiss antimicrobial technology called HeiQ V-Block. This treatment provides the textile materials with extra protection against harmful microbes. Face masks can be a breeding ground of various microorganisms especially if worn for an extended period. But with the textile of Ghluv’s masks treated with HeiQ V-Block, it inhibits the growth and persistence of these microorganisms as well as bacterial odor. This technology makes your mask stay cleaner, longer. Ghluv’s mission is to create products that prioritize safety above all else.

Quality Protection and a Sleek Design

The two most important pillars of Ghluv are style and protection. We keep your health and safety a priority above all else when making our products. Having said that, we also want to give our customers the option of looking and feeling good while staying safe. We want you to continue expressing your style with our array of designs and colors. Our face masks have a one size fits all design because we want to make sure everyone is covered. You can leave your house knowing you will always be prepared and protected. Browse through our face masks, as well as our hand protectors, and find the right Ghluv product for you.

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