Antimicrobial Technology


What Is HeiQ V-Block Technology?

HeiQ V-Block is an innovative textile technology developed by the Switzerland-based company HeiQ, which specializes in researching and manufacturing specialty materials meant to improve the lives of people around the world.

Added to the fabric during the last stage of the textile manufacturing process, HeiQ V-Block makes the fabric resistant to the growth of microbes, making it an ideal technology to use on fabric products that are designed to see extensive daily use. It can be used on both woven and nonwoven fabrics.

HeiQ Prevents Microbes from Thriving on Textile Surfaces

Everyday, people wear products made of fabric to afford themselves the most basic protection against the elements--from socks that protect the feet from friction against the shoes to arm sleeves that people wear over their hands in order to avoid touching communal surfaces, these fabric accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and functions. However, the textiles they are made of also become problematic because these products typically see extended use every day. Microorganisms can live on untreated textile surfaces for days and could potentially spread if left unchecked.

 HeiQ V-Block can help in this regard. It uses an advanced silver technology and a vesicle booster technology which work synergistically to inhibit the growth of microbes and the foul odors they may cause on fabric products. Ghluv’s products, including our face masks, hand protectors, and socks all make use of HeiQ V-Block.

Long-Lasting, Hypoallergenic, and Sustainable

HeiQ V-Block is a long-lasting treatment that remains effective even after 30 washes when a product is washed at a temperature of 140°F. Because of this reusable quality, fabric accessories that are treated with HeiQ V-block also tend to be more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to products that are meant only to be used once. Consider all the surgical masks and medical gloves that won’t end up becoming part of the waste stream just because you’ve chosen reusable cloth face masks, fabric hand protectors, tights, or home socks instead. There’s also the fact the main active ingredient of HeiQ V-Block is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

You don’t have to be concerned about the safety of this textile treatment either because HeiQ V-Block is 100% cosmetic-grade. It is hypoallergenic and is not harsh on the skin. In fact, it won’t cause allergies, unlike some latex-based products. Moreover, if you’re keen about helping preserve supplies of surgical masks and medical gloves so that there will be more to go around for medical professionals and others on the front line who actually need them, it’s best to purchase products that instead make best use of HeiQ V-Block. Ghluv’s face masks and hand protectors, for example, are not only practical and easy to use, they are also fashionable and won’t make you look and feel sick. Choosing Ghluv products with HeiQ V-Block technology certainly helps you achieve on-the-go protection with style.