Antimicrobial Face Masks

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Effective Everyday Protection That Complements Your Style

Wearing a face mask is a means of protecting yourself. Masks serve as a barrier against microorganisms and particles that can negatively impact your health. Aside from that, face masks are also commonly used to prevent irritation and discomfort brought about by exposure to extreme cold, dry air, or other environmental factors.

Many people tend to prioritize function over form when selecting face masks, but this doesn’t have to be the case. At a time when it’s perfectly normal to wear a face mask as a part of your everyday ensemble, it’s also entirely possible to choose masks that offer extensive protection, long-lasting comfort, and a wide variety of style options. This is what Ghluv brings to the table. We want to make fashionable yet highly effective face masks more accessible so that people can go about their everyday activities without compromising their health or personal aesthetic. 

Reusable Face Masks with Antimicrobial Technology

While single-use masks have their practical benefits, many disposable masks end up in the trash at the end of every day. Health emergencies can cause mask shortages, too, but keeping a large stash of face masks for your personal use can prevent frontline health workers from accessing the protective supplies that they need. Using textile face masks is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to these issues.

Ghluv face masks are coated with a revolutionary antimicrobial technology, called HeiQ V-Block, that’s developed by the Swiss company HeiQ. This makes our textile face masks resistant to microorganisms and the foul odors that they may cause. Ghluv face masks retain this quality even after they are washed in 140°F for at least 30 times. HeiQ V-Block is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly as well, as it is made of safe, sustainable, and bio-based ingredients. You can wear Ghluv masks for extended periods without worrying about irritation or discomfort.

Our face masks are not only effective barriers against microbes; they are also designed to look good in the office or out on the streets. We have reusable textile face masks in different colors and sizes, so you and the members of your family can choose colors and patterns that best fit your mood, outfit, or activity for the day.

Face the World Confidently with Ghluv

The current milieu may require you to wear a face mask every time you use shared spaces or enter the public sphere, but this doesn’t mean you have to compromise your comfort, sense of style, or commitment to the environment. With Ghluv face masks, you can live true to yourself while ensuring that you’re safe from harmful particles and microbes that you come face to face with as you perform your regular tasks.

Choose from Ghluv's wide selection of face masks and make sure that your face protection complements the rest of your outfit for the day.