Q: What is Ghluv?
A: Ghluv is an innovative antimicrobial treated Hand Protector that is easily slid on and off to cover your hands when needed. Treated with HeiQ Antimicrobial technology which actively inhibits and destroys most microbes upon contact on the textile.
Q: Does Ghluv have fingers like a glove.
A: No. This allows for easy pull down, for on and off of your hand while in public, and allows for discreet wear while not pulled over your hand.
Q: Why is Ghluv different from any tissue or fabric I can use myself?
A: Ghluv incorporates antimicrobial technology and is designed for easy access and minimal touch while pulling off and on hands. The antimicrobial technology is effective for up to 30 washes.
Q: What is the Ghluv made out of?
A: Ghluv size S/M is 84% nylon, 8% spandex and 8% polypropylene. Size M/L is 85% nylon, 8% spandex, and 7% polypropylene.
Q: Is the antimicrobial safe?
A: Yes
Q: Which antimicrobial are you using for Ghluv?
A: Ghluv uses one of the best antimicrobial technologies available on the market.
Q: Can Ghluv protect against Coronavirus?
A: Ghluv is treated with an antimicrobial which tested effective against many microorganisms. The HeiQ antimicrobial technology is an antimicrobial whose properties last up to 30 washes. We encourage you to strictly follow CDC guidelines. Please visit the HeiQ website for more information which has detailed information.www.heiq.com/technologies
Q: Does one size fit all?
A: No, it comes in two sizes S/M and M/L. Sizes adjust to virtually any size wrist from the tiny ones to the largest.
Q: Do you have kids sizes?
A: The S/M size adapts to almost all smaller wrists.
Q: Is there a left & right?
A: No, Ghluv fits both the left/right wrist and hand.
Q: Why is the logo on one side of the Ghluv?
A: We specifically positioned the logo only on one side of the Ghluv and we recommend wearing it face up. By doing this, you have a reference point to where to safely place the opposing hand’s fingers while pulling the Ghluv up or down. This area is less likely to be in touch with surfaces.
Q: Are there any other colors available than just black?
A: At this time, Ghluv is only available in color black
Q: Can I buy only one?
A: No. These are boxed as a 4 pack
Q: Can I buy unlimited quantities?
A: No. There is a limit of 12 per size per order.
Q: Is Ghluv disposable or can it be reused?
A: Ghluv can be reused. The Antimicrobial technology lasts up to 30 washes
Q: Where is Ghluv manufactured?
A: Proudly made in the USA in North Carolina.
Q: Is the idea protected by a patent?
A: Yes, Patent Pending.
Q: Is Ghluv available for purchase in retail stores?
A: Ghluv is coming to select Food and Drug retailers near you soon.
Q: Can Ghluv be purchased outside of the USA?
A: Ghluv will be available soon outside of the USA