Ghluv Fashion Antimicrobial Hand Protector (one pair), Animal Brown


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  • Contains 2 pieces
  • Wear it on your wrist
  • Reusable up to 30 washes
  • Unisex - up to 2 sizes
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made in USA

"Ghluv Offers Protection with a Human Touch

Keeping yourself protected is important but so is expressing yourself. Thankfully, Ghluv’s fashion-oriented hand protectors let you do both. Ghluv’s stylish hand protectors aren’t just a good way to complete your outfit, they also help keep you safe from all kinds of infectious microbes. These hand protectors employ HeiQ V-Block antimicrobial technology, an advanced textile treatment process that allows fabrics to neutralize microbes on contact. Unlike other hand protection solutions, Ghluv hand protectors are also extremely comfortable, with the option to roll them up on your wrists when not in use. Forget generic-looking single-use gloves and live a safer, more colorful life with Ghluv.

How HeiQ V-Block Works

Ghluv hand protectors are constructed with antimicrobial HeiQ V-Block technology, setting them apart from regular single-use gloves. V-Block is a textile treatment process developed by Swiss tech firm HeiQ that allows fabrics to inhibit the growth of microbes on contact. It does it without changing the look and feel of fabrics and without risks to humans. In practical terms, it ensures your Ghluv hand protectors prevent the kind of cross-contamination that’s so common with regular gloves. As a welcome bonus, they also prevent odors and skin irritation caused by bacterial buildup that are common when using disposable gloves. Protect yourself in style with Ghluv hand protectors!

Style and Protection in One Elegant Package

There’s no need to give up on style, comfort, and expression for day-to-day protection. Ghluv offers a stylish, comfortable, and discreet way to protect yourself and your family with its line of antimicrobial hand protectors. Unlike single-use gloves, Ghluv hand protectors can be tucked away at your wrists and extended to cover your hand when you need them. This means that you can leave your hands free and quickly cover them up for protection when touching potentially contaminated objects like keypads, handrails, or door handles. With a selection of different styles, you can be sure you’ll find a pair of Ghluv hand protectors that suit your personal style. Stay protected, and stay stylish. Get a pair of Ghluv hand protectors for yourself and every member of your family today.

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