Ghluv Fashion Antimicrobial Hand Protector (one pair), Metallic


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  • Contains 2 pieces
  • Wear it on your wrist
  • Reusable up to 30 washes
  • Unisex - up to 2 sizes
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made in USA

Hand Protection from Ghluv You Didn’t Know You Needed

Aside from face masks, Ghluv hand protectors offer a discreet yet effective solution to protect your hands from harmful pathogens. Our hand protectors are meant to be worn on the wrist when not in use and can be extended over the hands when needed. You can use them when pushing a shopping cart, pressing an elevator button, getting gas, riding the train, and more. This product is reusable and can be washed up to 30 times. It is unisex, comes in two sizes, and is non-allergenic as well. Our metallic antimicrobial hand protectors are one of many unique designs that can be found on our website.

Ghluv’s Antimicrobial Solution to Protect Your Hands

Our hand protectors are not just pieces of cloth that come up over your hands, they are treated with an innovative Swiss-made antimicrobial technology called, HeiQ V-Block. This treatment is applied to fabric at the final stage of textile manufacturing to ensure that it is resistant to the spread of microorganisms. This antimicrobial technology helps Ghluv products stay cleaner for a longer period of time. It is our top priority at Ghluv to provide our customers with products that help keep you safe and protected as you wear them.

Protection for Your Hands That Is Stylish Yet Discreet

At Ghluv, we work to fulfill our motto of “On the Go Protection with Style.” Wearing a disposable mask and latex gloves doesn’t sound too appealing. At Ghluv, we want to encourage our customers to use these products because they not only offer protection, but they are a stylish accessory as well. Let these masks and hand protectors complement and elevate any of your outfits. We have different patterns, colors, and variations in our current catalog. Feel free to browse through our antimicrobial face masks and hand protectors and find the right Ghluv product that suits you.


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