Ghluv Fashion Antimicrobial Hand Protector (one pair), Stripes


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  • Contains 2 pieces
  • Wear it on your wrist
  • Reusable up to 30 washes
  • Unisex - up to 2 sizes
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made in USA

Give Your Hands the Protection it Deserves with Ghluv

Don’t let protection stop at your face. Your hands deserve just as much love and we at Ghluv have found the perfect solution. Our antimicrobial hand protectors are a discreet accessory that can be worn around your wrists when not in use. If you need to touch any surface while you are outside your home, slip them over your hands, and avoid the need to constantly disinfect. Our hand protectors are made to be sustainable and can be washed multiple times. They have a unisex design and come in two sizes to fit any wrist and hand. Ghluv’s current collection offers a variety of styles for the antimicrobial hand protector, along with this stripe design.

Hand Protectors with Built-in Antimicrobial Technology

HeiQ V-Block is an innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology applied to textiles. Ghluv has adapted this technology to all our products, making sure our customers have an extra layer of protection from bacteria that exist on the surface of fabrics. HeiQ V-Block is designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and odors so that our masks stay cleaner, longer. We have developed all Ghluv face masks and hand protectors to serve our main purpose, which is to give people peace of mind while wearing our products.

The Ease of Being Stylish and Protected on the Go

We want our customers to have the option of a protective barrier that also looks great. Ghluv’s antimicrobial technology and sleek designs work seamlessly together to provide elevated products for any consumer. We have created our face masks and hand protectors in a variety of colors, patterns, and variations to fit all occasions. At Ghluv, we hope that you find a product in our collection that will allow you to get the protection you deserve and still be able to express your personal style. Browse through our products and try them out for yourself. You’ll find that you’ll never have to return to a disposable mask and latex gloves again.

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