How to Prevent Foggy Glasses While Wearing a Face Mask

As long-time spectacle wearers already know, wearing glasses and masks together often causes the lenses to fog up. This happens when warm air collides with cool air, and the air condenses, thus forming a light mist on the lenses’ surface. It commonly occurs when you take a deep breath and exhale, or enter a warm area from a cold one.

Usually, people can simply wipe their glasses with a piece of cloth, or simply opt to not wear the mask at all. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, both are risky options. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals during this time of global pandemic should avoid touching their face with unwashed hands, and they should always wear protective gear such as antimicrobial hand protectorsreusable cloth face masksantimicrobial tights, and antimicrobial home socks in public settings. To avoid blurring your vision and still comply with safety rules, keep these mask-wearing tips in mind before you venture outside.

Use Properly Fitting Face Masks

With medical masks in short supply, a lot of people are turning to fabric masks as an alternative. Wearing non-medical cloth masks when venturing outside one’s home is crucial in preventing the spread of respiratory droplets, especially in public spaces and crowded areas where people can’t practice social distancing.

Make sure to buy high-quality antimicrobial cloth face masks for outdoor use. Aside from the mask’s material and style, make sure to check its fit as well. Ideally, the top edge of the mask should be adjustable to your nose bridge’s shape for a snug fit. In this manner, the warm air you exhale won’t reach up to your glasses.

If you already have a mask but the top part is not adjustable, you can add a pipe cleaner or a twist tie at the top seam for a similar effect.

Wash Your Glasses with Soapy Water First

Medical professionals have had to battle foggy glasses for a long time, especially bespectacled surgeons who have to work for hours while wearing a mask. A 2011 article published by the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England revealed a simple defogging hack spectacle wearers everywhere can use.

Before you wear the mask, wash the glasses first in soapy water, shake off the excess, and allow it to air-dry. The soapy water leaves a residue that reduces the lenses’ surface tension. This film of soap residue prevents the condensed air from sticking to your glasses. You can also apply this technique to other eyewear, such as ski goggles and scuba masks, for a simple anti-fogging solution.

Place A Damp Tissue in Your Face Mask

If you’re looking for a quick anti-fogging hack, simply put a tissue along the top edge of your face mask. The tissue will fill in the crevices along the mask’s edge and absorb the moist air you exhale. For increased effectiveness, slightly dampen the tissue first before you place it in your mask.

Tape the Mask to Your Face

Another way to prevent your glasses from fogging is to tape the top side of your mask to your face. This helps ensure that the smallest top crevices are covered shut and no exhaled air will reach your glasses. That said, you don’t just use any adhesive tape you find at home. Health professionals use a special tape called micropore tape. Primarily used for dressing wounds, it’s a breathable and lightweight tape that works well with sensitive or delicate skin. You can find this tape in most pharmacies and drug stores. Make sure to not confuse it with surgical or first-aid tapes, which are tougher and more irritable to the skin.

Use A Demisting Spray

A de-misting spray is an anti-fog agent that works similarly to the soapy water method mentioned earlier. They are commercially available, and you can choose from a wide selection of brands both online and in-store. Simply make sure that the spray is compatible with your lens type and any existing lens coating.

Wearing a face mask and glasses together shouldn’t intervene with your ability to see. With these tips, your next trip outside will surely be more comfortable. Make sure to don the proper attire and accessories before venturing out for your necessities. For comfortable yet stylish protective gear, Ghluv has your back. Check out our store today!