Ghluv Antimicrobial Hand Protector (4-pack)


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Price per piece: $5 (sold as a 4 pack)

  • Contains 4 pieces 
  • Wear it on your wrist
  • Reusable up to 30 washes
  • Unisex - 2 sizes
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made in USA

Sleek, Practical Hand Protection for Everyday Purposes

These days, you might be much more anxious than ever before about touching dirty objects surfaces with your bare hands. The surfaces you come into contact with in public every day—like subway handrails, bathroom doors, or ATM keypads—may be breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms. At the same time, you may have reservations about wearing protective accessories like surgical gloves, which tend to be hot and uncomfortable, impractical for everyday use outside of medical settings, and prone to drawing people’s attention. What simple apparel can you wear to keep your hands clean and to preserve your peace of mind?

This is where Ghluv’s antimicrobial hand protectors come in. Fashionable, discreet, and as comfortable to wear as an ordinary arm warmer, these hand protectors will be useful for everyday applications. You can simply pull them over your hands to prevent direct contact with dirty surfaces, then pull them back when you’re done. They’re less likely to get in your way while you’re protecting yourself, and best of all, they’ll blend in perfectly with your day-to-day outfits. Get them now in packs of 4 here on our website.

Form, Function, and Feel-Good Aesthetics in Each of Ghluv’s Hand Protectors

One thing that makes the fabric on Ghluv hand protectors unique is its use of a Swiss textile technology called HeiQ V-Block. This textile treatment makes it much harder for microbes to thrive on the fabric because of its antimicrobial effect.. The treatment remains effective for at least 30 washes at a temperature of 140°F. That makes our hand protectors reusable for a long time, and that consequently means  that they’re a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to single-use latex gloves.

HeiQ V-Block is also hypoallergenic, while the fabric itself is made of a pleasantly soft material, so you won’t have to worry about rashes or chafing. Our hand protectors are also designed to be the least obtrusive they can possibly be to wearers, as well as not easily noticeable by others. You can also pair them with your everyday outfits the same way you’d wear any other hand accessory. Indeed, effortless, functional, and adaptable style all culminate in Ghluv’s antimicrobial hand protectors.   

Buy Hand Protectors in Packs of 4 for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Our antimicrobial hand protectors come in two comfortable sizes. Their versatile black color will be a breeze to match with any outfit, whether casual or formal. Simply wear it around your wrist and pull it over your hand if you need to touch an object or  surface that other people also use or handle often. When you’re done, wash it and dry it for use the next day.

This product comes in a convenient 4-pack set. You can use the hand protectors yourself or give them to a friend or a member of your family. Buy a 4-pack antimicrobial hand protector from Ghluv now!

SKU: G00002600102
Fabric Content: Nylon 84% ,Spandex 8% ,Polypropylene 8%
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