Men's Antimicrobial Home Sock 12pk, White/Grey/Black


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Shoe Size 6-12
4 pairs each:  White, Black and Grey
Antimicrobial HeiQ V-block
Smart Temp: Helps Keep You Cool
Wicking & Moisture Control
Soft Hand-Feel
Seamless Toe
Comfort Fit
Made in USA
Not intended for medical use

Fiber Content

88% Polyester 8% Nylon 4% Spandex

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

Dress for Comfort with Antimicrobial Home Socks in 3 Colors

You may be relaxing in your home during the weekends, but your feet are still hard at work no matter what day it is. On your downtime, make sure that your feet are primed for rest and recovery as well. If you’re looking for comfy socks that are specifically designed for home use, we have what you need here at Ghluv. Check out our line of Men's Antimicrobial Home Socks 12 Pk and never run out of comfy socks on your holidays again. Each pack comes with socks in 3 colors: white, gray, and black. Rest assured, each pair will feel good on your feet and look great with your comfiest home clothes.

The socks are made of super-soft fabric and feature seamless toes, so they’ll hug your feet and stay in place no matter what you do. And because these socks are made of thermoregulating Smart Temp fabric, they also have excellent moisture-wicking and cooling properties, which will prevent your feet from getting too warm or damp due to sweating. But perhaps the highlight of these socks can’t be seen by the naked eye. Ghluv socks are treated with HeiQ V-Block, an award-winning antimicrobial technology that was developed by the Swiss company HeiQ. The technology inhibits the growth of microorganisms and prevents them from thriving on the socks. It remains effective for at least 30 washes at 140°F.

Give Your Feet the Care They Need on Your Days Off

You don’t want to worry about damp, smelly feet, especially when you’re chilling at home or spending time with your loved ones. Wearing antimicrobial socks is an easy way to get around this problem. The antimicrobial socks by Ghluv serve as a protective barrier against microbes as you walk around your home or when you pull on  footwear. At the same time, the socks wick moisture away from your feet and keep the area cool, thereby making your feet less friendly to odor-causing germs.

Best of all, these benefits don’t come at the price of sacrificing your comfort. Ghluv socks are designed to fit snuggly, and the fabric that they are made of has a soft hand-feel. You are ensured that your feet will be pampered and cared for throughout the day while you’re wearing Ghluv socks, and you can stay confident knowing that your feet will stay cool, dry, and odor-free as you chill at home.

Say Goodbye to Foul Feet Odors by Wearing Ghluv Home Socks

Switching to antimicrobial home socks can seem like a small and insignificant change to your everyday routine, but it’s not. By owning Men's Antimicrobial Home Socks from Ghluv in packs of 12, you’ll be able to fully relax without worrying about your feet and foul odors that can affect your social interactions.  Purchase a set of antimicrobial home socks from Ghluv today and make sure that you always have a pair of fine and functional socks that will keep your feet looking and feeling fresh.

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