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Shop at Ghluv to find lifestyle items that you can incorporate into your everyday outfits. In our catalog, you’ll find our signature hand protectors and face masks that make use of the award-winning Swiss antimicrobial textile technology, HeiQ V-Block, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics. We’ve applied the same tech to our tights and socks, which you can mix and match with your daily wear just as easily as your ordinary wardrobe essentials.

Aside from having antimicrobial properties, Ghluv products are also comfortable to wear and designed to be multi-use. This is what makes our hand protectors and face masks a more sustainable alternative to their single-use counterparts, and what makes our socks and tights better investments to your wardrobe than other apparel.

A simple, practical, and comfortable aesthetic is what Ghluv will help you achieve. You can accessorize with Ghluv products without taking away too much from your personal style, and without drawing undue attention to yourself. Look good and feel at ease with a stylish face mask, a discreet hand protector, and legwear that doesn’t look out of place with your regular outfits. Cover all the important bases by getting a Ghluv essential today!

Comfortable, Sustainable, and Treated with HeiQ V-Block Antimicrobial Technology

One of the attributes that stands out in Ghluv’s family of products is the use of a unique antimicrobial textile technology called HeiQ V-Block. The treatment, which won for its developer, HeiQ, a Swiss Technology Award in 2020, inhibits the growth of microbes on textiles, thanks to its advanced silver and vesicle booster technologiesThese keep harmful microorganisms from thriving on the Ghluv apparel that you wear, giving you additional peace of mind about the small things you can do to stay healthy.  Ghluv masks, hand protectors, socks, and tights also retain their antimicrobial properties for up to 30 washes at 140°F.

Ghluv products are also made of fabrics that are hypo-allergenic, which makes them great to use even for wearers with more sensitive skin. They’re also designed to provide the same comfort you’d expect from your everyday clothes. Lastly, thay are also more sustainable and more eco-friendly alternatives to disposable or specific-for-purpose products that clutter up the environment. Instead of buying more of these, you can stock up on a few Ghluv essentials that you can reuse for a long time.

Be Confident, Healthy, and at Ease with Ghluv Products

To safeguard your health and wellbeing, remember to keep up healthy habits like washing your hands regularly and keeping a safe distance from others. You can make Ghluv products a part of your day-to-day routine in keeping yourself and the people around you safe, all without sacrificing your personal style. Look great and feel comfortable when venturing outside whether you’re going to work, , going for a leisurely walk, or carrying out an errand.

For products that will help you retain both your personal style and your everyday peace of mind, shop at Ghluv. Browse our catalog for antimicrobial face masks, hand protectors, socks, and legwear that you can sport on the go.