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NEW! Antimicrobial tee shirts with built in face coverings, so you're never stuck without one!

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Stylish Tees for the On-the-Go Protection

Nothing beats the comfort, functionality, and versatility of a basic t-shirt, so how does one go about making this classic garment even better? By updating it for the current times, of course. Ghluv’s Tee Shirt collection is headlined by products like the Perfect Protect Short Sleeve Mask Tee and the Perfect Protect Short Sleeve Scarf Tee, both which incorporate parts that the wearer can rely on for on-the-go protection with style.

Perfect Protect Short Sleeve Mask Tee is a convenient addition to any wardrobe, possessing a built-in mask that you can simply pull up to hook on your ears. This means you don’t have to worry about going out and forgetting to bring a face mask with you. Likewise, the Perfect Protect Short Sleeve Scarf Tee has a built-in scarf that you can use to cover your nose and mouth when you’re out in public. When it’s not in use, you can simply drape the scarf around your neck or let it hang loose as an accessory to your outfit.

Made of a combination of fabrics like cotton, rayon, and spandex, Ghluv tee shirts are also optimized for favorable fit, thermal comfort, and freedom of movement. It’s a garment you’ll definitely love to have for everyday wear in the new normal. Expect to discover many more practical and useful tees only here at Ghluv!

Antimicrobial Technology for Optimal Odor Control

Basic protection from the elements is what you can expect out of regular t-shirts, but we at Ghluv have chosen to take things up a notch by imbuing our tees with antimicrobial properties. Treated with HeiQ V-Block, an award-winning antimicrobial technology developed by the Swiss textile tech company HeiQ, Ghluv tee shirts are protected from microbial growth that can cause foul odors. It’s a great feature that you can rely on if you’re expecting to be out and about for the whole day, or if you’re unable to launder your shirt immediately.

HeiQ V-Block also prevents the garment from picking up germs from various surfaces. Thanks to the treatment’s silver nanoparticle and vesicle components, microbes won’t be able to thrive on the fabric’s surface, which should give you added peace of mind just in case you need to lean your back on that bus seat or park bench.

We already use HeiQ V-Block in all of our other products, including our face masks, hand protectors, leggings, and home socks. And because the treatment is guaranteed to last at least 30 gentle washes  at 140°F, you can have full confidence that your t-shirt will be protected from odors and microbes for a long time.

A Great Addition to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Elevate your everyday style with t-shirts that offer a lot more than your usual tees. Ghluv’s tee shirts are not only stylish and comfortable, they also take advantage of an innovative odor control and antimicrobial technology that makes them perfect for daily wear. And by having added accessories like built-in masks and scarves, you can definitely count these garments among the essentials you must own in the new normal. Buy t-shirts from Ghluv today!