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Safe and Confident Style with Ghluv Antimicrobial Tights

Tights have become a quintessential part of any woman’s wardrobe, thanks to their versatility and functionality. Able to be mixed and matched with a variety of dresses, skirts, boots, pumps, and other fashion essentials, these are garments that are sure to see extensive use day in and day out. This can certainly become an issue because articles of clothing that see a lot of use also tend to be ideal environments for microbes to thrive on.

How many times have you pulled the sleeve of your sweater down your hand just so it can serve as a barrier between your skin and the dirty subway handrail you’re about to hold? And how many times have you placed a piece of tissue paper on a grocery cart handle just to prevent yourself from touching a possibly contaminated surface?

With Ghluv’s line of antimicrobial tights, however, you can worry less about foul odors or sitting on potentially contaminated surfaces. Stylish, easy to use, and built to last, our tights are also made of fabrics that make use of HeiQ V-Block technology,  the same treatment that goes into our face masks and hand protectors. This tech inhibits the growth of microbes on fabric surfaces, which means you can go about your day in style, and with great confidence and peace of mind.

Daily Wear Made More Hardworking

At Ghluv, some of our first products were hand protectors and face masks that made use of HeiQ V-Block antimicrobial technology, a revolutionary textile tech developed by the Swiss company HeiQ. Using silver technology and vesicle booster technology, the treatment imbues the fabric with antimicrobial properties, thus preventing it from being an ideal breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. These properties last up to 30 washes at 140°F, which makes Ghluv tights a better option for individuals who are looking for a pair that does more than just make them look good and feel great.

HeiQ V-Block is also hypo-allergenic, which means our tights are ideal even for people with sensitive skin. And if you’re in need of a pair of tights that will keep you extra comfortable even in extreme weather, you’ll be happy to know that our tights are also made out of HeiQ Smart Temp cooling yarn. With its thermoregulation properties, Smart Temp textiles offer activated cooling to the user for better performance and thermal comfort during hot weather conditions.

Look Sharp, Stay Healthy, and Live Life Confidently with Ghluv

These days, it’s hard to be trusting of the things that we come into contact with daily. Communal surfaces like park benches and public bus seats can harbor germs that can make us and our loved ones sick. That’s why it’s a good idea to rely on simple but ingenious solutions that add a layer of protection between ourselves and the world without. These include garments with antimicrobial properties, like the tights offered by Ghluv.

But while Ghluv’s tights indeed have these added properties, know that they can be worn and styled just like ordinary tights. They won’t be out of place in the everyday kind of outfit that you wear to work, when doing grocery runs, or when taking a stroll down at the promenade. At Ghluv, we know that fashion can be a great source of psychological comfort to women of all ages. And for those for whom individuality, comfort, and protection all matter, we’ve designed antimicrobial tights for everyday use.

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