What is Ghluv?

In life, there are things that change our habits forever. Sweeping and unprecedented global events can catch us unawares, and we are forced to find our own balance in a world that is changed beyond recognition. In times like this, people typically have two options: they could either quail in fear and anxiety or find ways to refashion their lives to adapt to the new normal.

Here at Ghluv, we’ve chosen to do the latter. Fully cognizant of the atmosphere of fear that we live in today and of the way people are struggling to address  concerns surrounding hygiene and prevention, we’ve risen to the occasion to help ease everyone’s adaptation to the new normal.

On-The-Go Protection with Style

Ghluv is your brand for effective on-the-go protection with style. Our company’s DNA is centered around giving people the protection they need without compromising on comfort and style. We do it by developing fashionable solutions that allow people to co-live with the dangers that are plaguing the world. These innovative products help to keep us all safe and comfortable throughout our newly established daily routines.

Ghluv family of product includes:

Wear Protection with Confidence

Most currently available hygiene and protection solutions are disposable and specific for purpose. While these are able to meet people’s elevated health requirements today, they are also leaving a lot of us feeling discomforted and even looking sick.

With the help of Ghluv’s cloth hand protectors, face masks, home socks, and tights, people no longer have to make that compromise between protecting themselves and looking great.

Ghluvs’s products are:

  • Easy to Use. They are uncomplicated and are easily worn on a daily basis.
  • They won’t hurt your skin or cause thermal discomfort.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. They won’t make wearers look like they just stepped out of a hospital.
  • Discreet. They don’t call a lot of attention to the user.
  • Sustainable. They can be worn multiple times instead of just once.
  • They serve as an additional layer of protection against the outside world. They are also made of fabrics that make use of advanced HeiQ V-Block technology, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses on the textile.

Convenient, reusable, and thoughtfully designed,  Ghluv’s products are the new everyday essentials you’ll need in order to reduce your anxiety and re-establish emotional health. Get Ghluv today and face the new world with great confidence and equanimity.